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Exclusive to Ferrari Owners Only



As a Ferrari owner you are offered the chance to visit this world famous facility in Maranello, Italy,and discover just how the Ferrari Factory goes about its daily workings in a dynamic and ‘true to life’ way. This tour has recently been enhanced to not only include a visit to the GT Division where you can see the vehicle assembly lines, but now allows visitors access to the Race Division and the F1 Clients FXX Dept.

You will also be taken to the Galleria Ferrari Museum and the Ferrari Store. The Factory is situated in Maranello, a town in northern Italy near Bologna, and has been home to Ferrari since the 1940s. At more than 250,000 sq metres the factories 45 buildings house more than 3,000 workers.It is here that passion, innovation and technology combine to create the companies GT and Formula 1 cars.

Back in 1942, planning permission was granted for a small plant making machine tools in Maranello. From the Scuderia Ferrari headquarters in Via Trento Trieste in Modena, Enzo Ferrari chose to go to Maranello, because, as he wrote in his memoirs, he owned ‘a piece of land in the immediate vicinity of where the factory is today’.

The Galleria Ferrari Museum opened in 1990 and takes visitors on a journey through the companies history, as well as giving you the chance to admire some of the rarest Prancing Horse cars still in existence. It also has a Formula 1 section featuring a reconstruction of the pit-lane, using original pits and pit walls, plus the single-seaters that won Ferrari five consecutive Constructors and Four consecutive World Championship Drivers titles. One floor of the Galleria is devoted entirely to technological innovation, reinforcing the extent of the technology transfer from single-seaters to GT. 

The museum also houses themed exhibitions, a shop and a cafe. Even to people that have been to Ferrari before, this will be a totally new experience as the factory tour has been enriched and now includes the opportunity to see several new departments. Please note that at least one of the visitors must be a Ferrari owner, and visits are limited to the owner and two guests. Check out your local main Ferrari dealer for more information.

Pilota Driving Courses

Pilota Driving Courses


Exclusive to Ferrari owners only.
Pilota Ferrari held at the Fiorano Circuit  right next to the Ferrari factory, the Pilota Ferrari driving courses provide a complete and progressive training programme, aimed at teaching and improving your sports driving techniques. During the one and two day courses, a professional team of instructors will provide technical instruction using Ferrari cars, both round the track and through specific car control exercises. Reserved exclusively for owners, there are now four different courses available: •Corso Pilota Driving Course •Corso Pilota Advanced •Corso Pilota Evolution •Corso Pilota Ferrari Challenge


Your local Ferrari Dealership would be happy to explain how the courses are run and let you know availability.  Ferrari Driving programs are like no other precision or sports driving schools. Available in Italy and North America, they offer Ferrari Owners the exclusiveness of professional instruction, dynamically engineered cars, fantastic race tracks and luxurious backdrops. No one else can approach the high level of attention extended at these programs. The Corsa Pilota programs, which offer a graduated system of progression, are transferrable whether attended in North America or Italy. The courses provide comprehensive training, aimed at teaching and developing precision driving skills.


During these one-and two-day programs, students experience the performance of a Ferrari in the controlled environment of a race track. Owners build proficiency as they experience and appreciate the capabilities of the 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia, 599 GTB Fiorano and the F430 coupe.

NORTH AMERICA:  The Ferrari Driving Experience Based at the panoramic and challenging Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a former Formula One venue. There are two courses offered in North America: Basic Level and Advanced Level. More information can be found online at www.experienceferrari.com. And of course, don’t miss the opportunity to take a virtual lap of the circuit at http://www.experienceferrari.com/video.

ITALY : Pilota Ferrari Held at the Fiorano test track adjacent to the Ferrari factory. There are four courses offered in Italy: Corso Pilota Driving Course Corso Pilota Advanced Corso Pilota Evolution Corso Pilota Ferrari Challenge

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Ferrari Owners Club

Ferrari Owners Club


Membership of the Ferrari Owners' Club is open to anyone who either owns or has owned a Ferrari. The membership year runs from 1st November to 31st October and if you join part way through the membership year you will receive all back-issues of the Club's publications produced during that year. Members can register their spouses to share their membership.

The Club is international in concept, with members in 36 different countries. It has something to offer all its members, whether their interests lie in competition, the realisation of the performance built into their cars, excellence in presentation, socialising or simply enjoying the Club's magazines and website

The Club is administered by a Board of Directors and a Committee of Management, who are only too happy to offer help to any members seeking information or advice.


In 1976 a separate "club" within the general orbit of the Ferrari Owners' Club was formed for enthusiasts of the marque Ferrari who do not own one themselves. This is called the Prancing Horse Register and is run by the Club's Secretariat. Membership benefits include the opportunity to attend many Ferrari events, to assist in running those events, to subscribe to the Club's publications and to purchase and display the insignias and logos of the Prancing Horse Register.